What was this year? A paradigm shift? A recalibration? A global call to slow down or unite? What in the world happened, and can we make sense of any of it?

Without any further ado, these are my top takeaways from 2020.

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1. When you’re in the zone, the world has little say in your happiness.

Follow your heart — whether it’s a great love, launching a business, creating art, or pursuing a meaningful goal. No matter what, if when you do it, the world falls away, go to that place of flow often.

Get lost where the drama of a pandemic, election, or other external stressors can’t intrude.

2. People who are crazy about you will get it.

Theres so much hype about others not understanding what you want, not getting what you are trying to build, or questioning your choices, but your people, the ones who want the best for you, will get it.

They get you; they’ll cheer you on and see possibilities for you before you even believe. Let their faith, confidence, and love elevate your potential.

3. Fear is contagious.

4. Coping looks different for all of us.

Do what you need to be whole, find strength, and carry on, but not at the expense of others.

5. We are all in it together.

6. Time is of no relevance.

If you haven’t read The Order of Time by Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli, it’s time. Wink. Benedict Cumberbatch narrates the four-hour and nineteen-minute audiobook, and it’s worth the investment. Don’t be intimidated; you don’t have to understand theories of relativity or loop quantum gravity.

I was drawn to it for two reasons. One, I turned 45, and I still think of myself as 25, which feels weird. Two, while living through history, I craved a perspective shift. It helped.

7. If you encounter anyone who validates hate, you’ve got to call them on it.

8. Moms = Superwomen.

If you know a mother, honor her. If you are a mother, celebrate yourself. Sheri Salata talks about esteem-building activities. You deserve every celebration, ritual, ceremony, or quiet moment that boosts your confidence, expands your happiness, or allows you to breathe.

Meditate, linger where you need to, and extend the moments that soothe your soul. Moms held the fabric of society together this year, and do you know who benefitted? Everyone. Thank you.

9. Someone on your dream team must challenge you.

It’s not enough to only have champions and fans; you’ve got to find the people who see your potential and push you farther, harder, and outside of your comfort zone. Wisdom from someone who cares is a force multiplier.

10. Balance is personal.

Stop questioning other’s motives, judging, or comparing. Everyone is doing the best they can and if they aren’t, offer a helping hand. We rise together.

11. Raise your vibe.

Speaking of rising:

  1. Expand your network, learn more, listen more, and practice being a better human.
  2. Be the person that already has your dream life.
  3. Think, believe, act in accordance with what your future self knows, says, and does.

You’ll be surprised at what a catalyst for exponential growth this process can be.

12. Resilience isn’t selfish.

It’s not selfish to lay low when the world is pushing you to show up if that’s how you shore up reserves to carry on. It’s not selfish to opt-out if it preserves your vitality. It’s not selfish to put yourself first so that you have more to give your family.

Put on your oxygen mask first. Tend to your needs; fill yourself so thoroughly, that in times of stress, gratitude and love are what spills out.

13. Progress is messy.

For us. For our children. For the country.

It was a challenging year. If you’re still here, you made progress. Embrace the glorious mess that we are. Take the win, let go of the losses, and carry on.

14. Communicate your needs.

The world wants to be on your side. The universe conspires in your favor. But when you hold back or stumble and mumble what you want most, no one can get on board. Enroll others in your vision.

15. Life is short.

More than 318,000 people died this year in the US of COVID. We’re likely to reach half a million or more before the vaccine influences the trend.

Be here now, and be a light — love who you love, do what makes you happy, find peace and inspiration to make the world better.

16. Someone out there knows how to do the thing you want to do.

To live the way you want to live, to achieve your wildest dreams. Find that person and ask them how.

And if you can’t immediately identify them, take baby steps. Follow the bread crumbs until the path reveals itself and your people show up.

17. People are shitty.

But not all of them.

18. People are amazing.

But not all of them.

19. The world is wild.

If it doesn’t scare you, thrill you, inspire you, blow your mind and spark your sense of adventure, you are doing it wrong.

God isn’t keeping score; he’s watching how you make the most of his most precious gift. Get your fill of the miraculous — this is your one precious life.

20. What you know isn’t the half of it.

2020 changed everything. It was a mixed bag, but crucially, it reminded us how much is far beyond our comprehension.

Be open to what you don’t know, haven’t seen, haven’t experienced, can’t conceive. Life is a gold mine, and pivotal breakthroughs await. Start excavating: love the discovery, delight in the recognition.

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Life coach for women. Writer for 29 publications. Happiness, success, productivity, balance, leadership, inspiration. Follow me on Instagram @coachformoms.

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