22 Side Hustles that can Make You Richer than a Full-Time Job

Spoiler Alert: A side hustle is a broken promise — If you do EVEN MORE, you’ll finally get what you’re after.

I know you’ve seen the guarantees, headlines, and the promises: Most Lucrative Side Hustles for Millenials, Most Profitable Side Hustles for Moms, 50 Ways to Make $2k This Month, 15 Surprising Ways to Make $10k Every Month.

The idea of making more money, while doing something that comes so naturally, on your own time, is seductive. Dipping your toes in the water, monetizing your passion while maintaining the security of your full-time job seems like the best of both worlds — nothing at risk, everything to gain.

But no one wants to add another thing to their list. Whether it’s a full-time job or full-time responsibility, there is already too much on our plates. It’s like cheating on your spouse. Who has time for that?

Moral issues aside, what, I’m going to add another relationship to the equation? It’s not enough that I’m worried about my marriage, children, boss, clients, and myself; now I’m going to add another person’s satisfaction to the mix? No, thank you. I can’t even invest in a favorite TV show right now.

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I Want Depth, Not Breadth

I want to go deeper into the things I love. I don’t need more things to sample. I’ve already tried it, and I know I like it. I don’t need to practice living as my future self; I want my best life now. Let’s do this.

But the experts say, dabble over here while you have the security of a paycheck. But what if dabbling is the very thing holding me back from breaking through? What if not committing is sending up a big red flag that I’m not fully invested? How can the Universe have my back if I’m wishy-washy?

Quitting Your Job IS a Nightmare

Make no mistake, leaving what you know is a wrecking ball. Getting fired, quitting, or being downsized messes with your head. Your confidence takes a hit. You lose your footing.

The world that once seemed so predictable suddenly feels off-kilter, and you wonder who you are and what will happen to your family. A…



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