30 Best Ideas of December 2018

Reading, Curating, Learning, Sharing for You —So You Can Easily Find the Good Stuff Faster

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Growth happens quickly.

I wish I could take credit for these words, but I can’t — I just collect them. As such, I didn’t attribute them or link to the source. I simply jotted down what resonated and chose some favorites to post here. Most stand alone, some are even more profound without context. They came from books, websites, webinars, blogs, and even Medium! Try applying them as they are, in whatever way they speak to you.

After all, you found them today, where you are, while you are working on what you are working on. There’s always Google if you’d like to learn more, keeping in mind that sometimes the randomness of what comes up (or what sucks you into the wormhole) is part of the learning journey too.

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Life coach for women. Writer for 29 publications. Happiness, success, productivity, balance, leadership, inspiration. Follow me on Instagram @coachformoms.

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