50 Things You Have to Learn in the First Half of Your Life

I mean, you don’t have to, but it helps.



Plan an EPIC Vacation

If you know me, you know I’m OBSESSED with going EVERYWHERE. You should be too. I will never stop traveling, writing about, coaching, or planning trips because it’s the most effective way to love life and make new discoveries about yourself and others. Not to mention deepen your understanding of cultures, communities, and history, did I say endlessly inspiring?

The world is enormous, and you can’t see everything, but each place unlocks a new level of appreciation.

No worries if you haven’t yet started or haven’t experienced travel like that. You can start today and don’t have to go everywhere or far (at first). Let your comfort and anticipation build.

Start with a day trip, road trip, staycation, or destination that changes your perspective.

I’ll give you an example. When I feel financially stressed or overwhelmed by economic doom and gloom, I spend a day at the Broadmoor. (Not an ad.) Do you know the Broadmoor?

It’s a European-inspired luxury resort in Colorado Springs with impeccable service, a stunning setting, and the longest-running Forbes Five-Star, AAA Five-Diamond rating worldwide.

I go there because the resort is as it always is, perfectly preserved, amazingly appointed, manicured lawn (green even when the rest of Colorado isn’t), swans on the lake, and people of all kinds out and about, many of whom are perfectly coiffed and utterly content.

And I find the whole scene reassuring.

If I order a burger to share with my daughter, for example, I know they will split and arrange it just so with a few unexpected little details or surprises that elevate our experience.

If I pop into a shop, the library, the pub, or peek in the ballroom, something will inevitably make me smile (like the little sticky bees or a gingerbread village), and they’re always preparing for a wedding.

The consistency, civilized ambiance, and understated opulence of the Broadmoor are comforting. It’s a reminder that the whole world isn’t…



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