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Kristi Andrus
Kristi Andrus, Coach, Writer, Mom x 3 Plan your corporate exit strategy in a week.

Part 1: I Didn’t Trust It

When I was in my corporate job, I was reading headlines and articles like “how to be a better manager,” “how to get a promotion,” “how to avoid burnout,” and “how to compete as a woman in a male-dominated field.”

I wasn’t thinking of what else was out there. I wasn’t aware that I could make money and be at home with my kiddos. I didn’t even have kiddos yet. I had no idea I could create a lifestyle perfectly suited to my preferences and my family — it felt like a faraway dream. …

Oh, how I wanted to write about the courage that you develop during the entrepreneurial journey. It’s profound, isn’t it? The constant learning, the consistent visibility, the rising to the occasion, again and again, changes you.

And as a female entrepreneur, I wanted to write about the lack of courage companies are demonstrating when they recall employees to an office because they are afraid their culture isn’t strong enough to weather remote work — your problem, not ours.

And as a mom and mompreneur, I wanted to write about the lack of courage our country demonstrates when some choose to…

The first time I heard, “Overwhelm is a choice,” steam started coming out of my ears. I became very defensive. There’s no way. I literally have too much on my plate. I literally have impossible deadlines. I literally have a never-ending to-do list. I am literally maxed out on all the things that are required of me in my many roles. I’m in an impossible no-win situation, and overwhelm isn’t a choice; it’s a condition of being me. In this life stage. With these responsibilities.

I can remember that moment years ago. I was in my corporate job, and I…

There are so many ways that women are asked to minimize themselves in business. Don’t let this be another way you hold yourself back.

Myth #1: Nobody Likes a DM From Someone They Don’t Know

BS. No one likes it if it’s creepy or completely irrelevant, so definitely don’t cold DM someone to hit on them or pitch them something that has nothing to do with their lives.

But, if you’ve done your due diligence and the person you’re reaching out to has the problem you solve or fits your target market perfectly, introduce yourself and start the conversation.

Myth #2: Sending Someone a DM is Spammy

There’s a lot of talk about dropping your links and leaving, in…

A Guide to Commitment for Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs

Because here’s the thing. You probably are good at everything. It’s likely what drew you to entrepreneurship in the first place. You probably have this massive range and can take it all on. I’m not discounting your ability.

It’s just that life has a way of creeping up on you, stealing your bandwidth, so you’ve got to decide. Pick something and go all-in.

If you haven’t declared who you are and what you stand for, or in business terms, your product/service and target market, then inevitably, you’ll drown — because we’re pack rats.

As we go through life, we keep…

And personally, I did. It was an awful day. I’ll spare you the details and hit the lowlights — It was a hard decision deadline day, and we canceled a trip we have been looking forward to for months. A random power outage created a traffic jam and blocked school pickup, and internet connection issues forced my husband into the office.

All that to say, I didn’t get anything done; I spent a ton of extra time in the car and was late for basically everything. But then a funny thing happened. I called our internet company to schedule a…

Part 1: How to Love Many Things

Everyone on this planet has a purpose — a reason for being that goes beyond survival, beyond family, beyond career, and beyond God. It’s our life force, and it’s inherent in the miracle of our existence.

This life purpose can lead us towards our best and highest selves, yet we can spend a lifetime trying to define what it is.

It’s hard to find by sitting around and contemplating, “What is my life purpose?”

Some questions are better:

✍️What activities infuse my life with happiness and meaning?

✍️What can I do with my time and my talents that make a…

Spoiler Alert: A side hustle is a broken promise — If you do EVEN MORE, you’ll finally get what you’re after.

I know you’ve seen the guarantees, headlines, and the promises: Most Lucrative Side Hustles for Millenials, Most Profitable Side Hustles for Moms, 50 Ways to Make $2k This Month, 15 Surprising Ways to Make $10k Every Month.

The idea of making more money, while doing something that comes so naturally, on your own time, is seductive. Dipping your toes in the water, monetizing your passion while maintaining the security of your full-time job seems like the best of both worlds — nothing at risk, everything to gain.

But no one wants to add another thing to their list. Whether it’s…

Authenticity is self-discovery.

Authenticity is self-improvement.

Authenticity is self-revelation.

You can’t have creativity without authenticity, and if you are authentic, creative pursuits are an ideal way to express it.

It makes sense, right? The more authentic you are, the more effortless creativity feels. Picture your kids. If you set out art supplies and leave the room, most kids will create a masterpiece.

So why is it so hard to be creative as adults?

Part of it is patience. Creativity emerges in downtime. It requires breathing room, enough space to feel free and let go.

But confidence is a part of the equation, too, and it often gets ignored. Confidence allows for…

Myth #1: You must be beautiful to be successful.

First, let’s debunk the myth that you aren’t beautiful unless you are conventionally beautiful. Most women, you included, are staggeringly beautiful. You may not be a size 6, blond, blue-eyed, big-boobed, tiny-waisted Barbie doll, but that’s only one version of beautiful, and it’s so tired.

Most women have an allure: a sparkle and a warmth that comes from competence and ease, etherealness and earthiness. It’s this irresistible combination of confidence and intuition that is uniquely feminine.

Next time you are with one of the women in your life, take note of her standout qualities and heart, and I promise from…

Kristi Andrus

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