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Kristi Andrus
Media executive turned female founder, life and business coach for ambitious moms. Schedule your free strategy session at
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First, let’s debunk the myth that you aren’t beautiful unless you are conventionally beautiful. Most women, you included, are staggeringly beautiful. You may not be a size 6, blond, blue-eyed, big-boobed, tiny-waisted Barbie doll, but that’s only one version of beautiful, and it’s so tired.

Most women have an allure: a sparkle and a warmth that comes from competence and ease, etherealness and earthiness. It’s this irresistible combination of confidence and intuition that is uniquely feminine.

Next time you are with one of the women in your life, take note of her standout qualities and heart, and I promise from…

“I will write my way into another life.”

Ann Patchett

Some of us are meant to be bloggers. We either don’t want to be on camera or hear our voice on a podcast, or maybe, we like to learn, and our way of linking concepts and testing ideas is to work it out on paper.

If you want to write, write. Blogging, writing, and writing for Medium isn’t precisely the same thing; there are nuances, but no matter what you are considering, start here. This platform will make your writing career so much easier and more effective.

There are at least 50 excellent reasons that you should…

Instead of focusing on how scary it will be, focus on how liberating it will be to finally take a step towards the life you actually want to live.

When we are selfless, we think it’s generous.

And maybe our selflessness comes from a spirit of generosity.

But those who love us best know when we are holding ourselves back from what we truly want. It may make it uncomfortable or complicated for them to accept our selflessness if it feels like it comes at the expense of them or others.

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People are naturally drawn to those who are whole and fearlessly pursuing what they love. Maybe that’s why it feels guilty to take from those who don’t seem like they have an overflow to give.

First, we can…

The Truth About the Level of Precision It Takes

Can you luck into magical experiences? Absolutely, it happens all the time at Disney, but do you want to take that chance when you’re already in for thousands of dollars?

may the force be with you — photo by author

I don’t know about you, but this family is ready to heal from the trauma and stress of the pandemic. Yet the timing feels a little off because, of course, the pandemic isn’t over, and if you have children under 10, they aren’t able to be vaccinated for…ever? Indefinitely.

Maybe you, too, are stuck in the in-between zone with unvaccinated little ones and feel the urge to break free from…

Start a Streak to Maximize Time and Generate Momentum

Today is the first anniversary of Her Growth Collective (HGC), a group of women who write weekly about self-development on Instagram — Think microblogging.

This week’s theme is Success, and I’m a happiness and success coach for women, so I couldn’t resist diving in with a pep talk (and challenge — see below).

Executive Summary: Consistency is the difference between where you are and where you want to be, and this summer is the perfect time to close the gap.

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For many parents, this is the final week of the school year. You may have mixed feelings about that. Your…

If you get a little funky around your big day, this will help.

I used to travel a lot, so much so that the weather didn’t match the hype. You know what I’m talking about, right? How people think it always snows in Colorado or is always hot in Las Vegas? I traveled so often that I saw the sun in the Pacific Northwest and no humidity in Florida. Wait, that didn’t happen. Florida is perpetually humid.

But it’s true about the Pacific Northwest (and Colorado and Las Vegas); I was there on sunny days, and days without snow, and cool days and nights so cool that we layered sweatshirts over sweatshirts bought…

  1. You have expertise to showcase, but you need to package it, price it, and grow a big, hungry audience that wants it.
  2. You have taken something I (or someone else) has given you for free and ran with it, but you’ve gone as far as you can go without support.
Photo by Keren Levand on Unsplash

3. Something, or many things, is holding you back, and you want to break free to another level.

4. You have a particular goal — $10k months, write a book, take a gap year — and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen, but you need…

May is always an anxious month. The seasons are changing in both hemispheres, and in the US, school is nearly over for the summer, and the anticipation of 57 million kids counting down to pool time and lazy days is palpable.

How do you feel about it, Mama?

Our three kiddos went to school just 35 days this year in person (or will have by year-end), so summer came soon. …

There are only two ways to do it.

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Set your alarm five minutes earlier every morning until you achieve your goal time. Then get up at that time every day for 30 days—no snoozing, no skipping on weekends.

Implement the following rule — feet on the floor before you reach for your phone or device. Take five minutes to breathe, stretch or journal right away each morning, then get led astray by someone else’s agenda. (Sorry if you thought that you were reaching for your phone for any other reason.)

At the end of thirty days, you’ll fall in love with the quiet, your body and mind will…

It’s funny how many people are reluctant to reinvent themselves. I mean, we live at this incredible moment in time when tech changes the game, removes limitations, connects the world, and impacts the rate of change in ways we can measure and ways we can only speculate about.

Yet, we think we need to be who we were when we declared, “I’m a paleontologist” or “I’m a teacher” or “I want to be a librarian when I grow up.” It’s just not the world we live in.

I mean, anything is possible!! Don’t you want to try it all on…

Kristi Andrus

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