A Million Paths to What You Want

Which one would give you heart-eye emojis?


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This week was Girl Scouts at the library. Our youngest looks forward to it, and the twins enjoy being there to read, research, and do homework. I listen to my audiobooks while working on the community puzzle. Our family loves the library.

We stayed later than usual, and while walking out, we saw a teenager holding a violin. Our daughter has been begging for violin lessons. I said, “why don’t you ask her about it” and my daughter hesitated, so I approached her.

The teenager explained that she and her fellow orchestra students at the local high school teach free violin, cello, oboe, and musical theory weekly at the library. You should have seen our daughter’s face. She was literally heart-eye emojis.

I took a minute to explain something to the kids in the car.

What just happened back there was synchronicity. Do you know what that is?

Yes, mama, it’s like a coincidence. It’s when you think about something, and it happens, or when everything works out.

Yes! And do you know what manifestation is?


Manifestation is when you open the door for synchronicity to take the next step. It’s when you clearly see what you want and trust that the universe will put it on your path. So when you see evidence of it, you must step forward and invite more in.

There are a million paths to what you want.

Some of those paths are windy.

Some are direct.

Some will feel impossible.

Some will feel effortless.

The path isn’t what’s most important, but we tend to obsess over it. Instead, focus on opening the door. Opening the door means not missing the moment. Opening the door means appreciating life’s little synchronicities.

What would have happened if we smiled and passed by the teenager?


Would it have been a big deal?


Would we have missed out on finding out about violin lessons?




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