A Mothers’ Work is Never Done: The Fair Division of Labor at Home for Working Parents


Division of labor at home is a trending topic, and rightfully so; more moms than ever are employed today.

Yet, when looking after the family, many mothers do more than their fair share, costing them marital happiness, well-being, and financial security.

Eve Rodsky’s book Fair Play describes this cycle in depth, and Pew Research supports her claims.


The consensus is around the problem — shared frustration, a collective recognition, and re-agitated disbelief that we haven’t come further — but the solution is more complicated.


As a Colorado-based life coach specializing in helping women balance their careers and family life, the how and when of the solution are chief on my mind.

I have some personal experience in the matter, too. I’m a Mom of 3, but also a Geriatric Mom (because I had my kids after 35) and a Twin Mom (or Mother of Multiples, as some identify), giving me a unique take on the division of labor from the get-go. Shout out to Twin Dads, who rise to the challenge.

I don’t have all the answers, but we have figured out how to divide the labor in our home over ten years in a variety of situations (and my clients have found their way, too):

  • Primary Breadwinner Mom and Stay-at-Home Dad
  • Corporate Mom and Freelance Dad
  • Corporate Dad and Stay-at-Home Mom
  • Corporate Dad and Entrepreneur Mom
  • Unemployed Mom and Dad

Stage One: Considering Children

A fair division of labor at home is crucial for working parents, but it feels far away when you don’t honestly know how becoming a mom will impact your life. For many women, having a stable career before being someone’s wife or mother is important:



Kristi Andrus life and business coach

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