Aging Like Fine Wine

Part 3 of 48 Life Lessons for My 48th Birthday. Enjoy!

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In Part 1, we covered:

  • planning epic vacations
  • simplifying beauty routines
  • negotiating to win
  • owning your story
  • leading lady energy
  • apologizing with grace
  • delivering memorable compliments
  • bargain shopping like a pro
  • buying a home
  • knowing your strengths
  • knowing your triggers

In Part 2, we covered:

  • leaning into your biorhythms
  • adulting 101
  • creating community
  • gardening basics
  • starting a business
  • learning a language
  • hiring a coach
  • having children
  • writing a book
  • taking a cruise
  • prioritizing your needs
  • major events
  • meditation
  • gambling

This week, we are covering the…



Kristi Andrus life and business coach

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