Aging Like Fine Wine

Part 3 of 48 Life Lessons for My 48th Birthday. Enjoy!

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In Part 1, we covered:

  • planning epic vacations
  • simplifying beauty routines
  • negotiating to win
  • owning your story
  • leading lady energy
  • apologizing with grace
  • delivering memorable compliments
  • bargain shopping like a pro
  • buying a home
  • knowing your strengths
  • knowing your triggers

In Part 2, we covered:

  • leaning into your biorhythms
  • adulting 101
  • creating community
  • gardening basics
  • starting a business
  • learning a language
  • hiring a coach
  • having children
  • writing a book
  • taking a cruise
  • prioritizing your needs
  • major events
  • meditation
  • gambling

This week, we are covering the following:

  • investing in life
  • taking care of the little things
  • advocating for yourself and others
  • finding balance
  • loving what you love
  • when enough is enough
  • what comes easily
  • managing complexity


26) Investing in Life

We want to take a trip that would probably cost $100,000 or so. We don’t have $100,000 or so. Yet when I look back at my life, there was an opportunity to invest $100,000 or so that came up nearly every 6–7 years, and when we said yes, it always led to something better.

I don’t want to say it was evolutionary, but the paths not taken define your life as much as what you do. You’ve got to be willing to bet on yourself, and you’ve got to be…



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