Bad Carma? What Happened at Costco was the Last Straw

Navigating Life’s Challenges with Grace, Empathy, and Beauty


In the whirlwind of daily life, unexpected challenges can test our patience and resilience. When the world feels like it’s spiraling out of control, a series of unfortunate events can seem like an inescapable cycle of bad karma.

However, there is a way to navigate these challenges with grace, empathy, and beauty to build resilience, even in turbulent times.

A Series of Unfortunate Events:

My mom commutes to work for nearly an hour every day. She almost always parks in the public parking garage near her office.

One day, she walked outside to see the side of her car crunched in a hit-and-run. She filed a report, and the garage security released the footage.

A man (in a stolen vehicle) was driving erratically nearby. He plowed through the entrance of the garage, spun around, bumped her car (it was one of the only ones in the garage at the time), then got out, surveyed the damage, sped to the other end of the garage, and slammed into her car again, before driving off, nearly running over a group of people picnicking on the grass nearby.

Two days later, my mom was driving home in the rental car provided by the insurance company when the man behind her, allegedly texting and driving, collided with her bumper as she slowed to accommodate stopped traffic ahead.

Flash forward a few more days when I noticed our SUV was handling weirdly. We needed new tires before winter anyway, so we replaced them but discovered a cracked ball joint and bad brakes, too.

A week later, on a Target run with my daughter, I heard a hissing sound from our minivan’s back driver’s side tire. It was going flat and fast!

We dropped the car at Costco, the only open automotive shop that evening, and waited for a call the next day.

It never came.

When I finally reached out, a harried woman explained that they were backed up and did look at the tire, discovered a piece of metal inside, and declared we would need a new one. But they got busy and forgot to return my call, and…



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