Business Lessons from a Love Story

I woke up this morning listening to sports talk radio. My hubby was on a station he used to host on more than a decade ago. It was a full-circle moment, and I flashed back to his old apartment downtown — me waking up to him on the radio then too.

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My One and Only Blind Date

When my now-husband moved to Denver for a job, a friend at his station told me about the new guy. “You’ll probably get married,” she said, “He’s perfect for you.”

Another friend who worked for a sports team told me about the new reporter in town, “You should meet him. I think you’d like him.”

When he walked into a party, and both of my friends pointed him out, I realized they were talking about the same guy…

Business Lesson #1: Notice the Signs

As a founder, your intuition and instinct are your North Star, but the Universe is on your side if you pay attention.

You can’t see all angles. Sometimes you miss the obvious. Often an outside perspective can put the puzzle together in a new way. Let others weigh in, then trust yourself to know if there’s something there.

One Step isn’t Enough

We didn’t start dating right away. Instead, we became friends, and after nearly a year of getting to know each other, our relationship became something more…

Business Lesson #2: Embrace the Long Haul

It takes incredible inertia to start and build momentum. You’ve got to put yourself out there again and again and again.

Even when it’s meant to be, you may have to talk yourself into it, schedule it, implore yourself, and some days, it won’t feel like destiny.

Instead, it may feel like vulnerability, one-sided, a relentless marathon. Don’t mistake the hard parts for a sign that you should switch gears.

It’s like parenting. Once you’ve decided, it’s who you are. Choose a business you want to see through.

Time is Relative

When I finally realized I was all-in, we were engaged, then married pretty quickly. His cancer diagnosis threw us for a loop, but…

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