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For 18 months I’ve been addicted to Medium. I read it so often that those little content blocker pop-ups pop up all the time urging me to subscribe because I’ve hit my free quota.

And although I haven’t subscribed, I am truly addicted to the breadth and depth of subjects, the consistency of my favorites, the randomness of others, and the fearlessness of it all.

Still, as much as I love being a reader, this year, I want to be a writer too.

So even though I’m chicken sh*t, I’m going for it. My goal is to write (and publish!) one thing everyday for a full year.

Will you help me be accountable? Will you read my stuff and help me find my way? I’m hopeful.

Day 1 — check. Phew.

Happy New Year!

Love, Chicken Sh*t

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