Combat the Relentlessness of Being the Boss, Being a Mom, and Being in Charge — Book a Trip!

Last summer, we toured five countries and ten cities to celebrate our twin’s milestone transition from single to double digits.

It took research, planning, financial commitment, and coordination with their school. Here’s why it was worth it.

But first, let me back up a sec and share some of the best advice we received when we found out we were pregnant with twins ten years ago: Start traveling with your babies as soon as you feel comfortable…then keep going.

We’re Still Going…

And what I learned over the last decade can be summed up like this — having adventures with the people you love most is how to love life. This is a fundamental tenet of my coaching practice, and I’ll share why.

But before I reveal the details, if you’re feeling any resistance or already telling yourself why this won’t work for you, let’s take a moment to address and release those limiting beliefs.

You can see the world with your kids, even if…

  • you aren’t wealthy
  • you aren’t self-employed
  • your career is important to you
  • you know nothing about travel hacking



Kristi Andrus life and business coach

When I drop my kids off at school, I always kiss them and shout, BE AMAZING! Love your life, make the most of it, level up, and be amazing.