Executive Summary: Executive vs. Entrepreneur Life

Are you thinking of quitting corporate?

Corporate life is exponentially easier in some ways — it’s so much more prescriptive, for example. But entrepreneurial life has way more upside, but most of it doesn’t start in year one (or two, or three). So, if you aren’t in it for the long haul, eh, maybe it’s not for you.

Everyone wants to wait for the right time to make their move, but it’s like having kids — there is no such thing as the right time. There’s only the time you decide that is right for you, a perfect amalgamation of when you’re brave enough, when you are frustrated enough, and when you want something else badly enough.

Don’t wait until you feel vulnerable, but don’t go before you have something to bring to the table.

It doesn’t mean it’s easier, or you’re better, but it does mean you know what it feels like to win. Once you’ve had a little taste, you might feel like you want to double down.

If you have a track record of success and are self-aware, even better.

If you have a track record of success, are self-aware, and are willing to do the work, you’re golden.

Media executive turned female founder, life and business coach for ambitious moms. Schedule your free strategy session at www.kristiandrus.com.

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