Give Your Husband This 3-Minute 3-Question Test to Evaluate Your Family’s Work/Life Balance

Inspired in part by a question NYT reporter Eve Rodsky posed to a male panel of leaders — “What is the name of your child’s dentist?”

This exercise will take less than five minutes and is a litmus test for whether or not your partner pulls their fair share at home.

Present these three questions to your husband and record the answers.

1) Who is our children’s dentist?

2) What size shoes do our kids wear?

3) When and where is the next birthday party?

1) Who is Our Children’s Dentist?

The first question reveals your family’s systems. Most moms know that scheduling the dentist happens six months in advance twice a year.

It requires updating the insurance information, knowing the school calendar and work schedules, and finding the needle in the haystack time and date that all three kids can be seen simultaneously or back to back.

  • If the appointment has to be rescheduled for any reason, it takes 60+ days to reschedule.
  • If a current insurance card is not presented, you’ll pay out of pocket and begin the long, arduous process of submitting a claim for reimbursement.
  • And if you have to schedule one or more separate appointments, that means coordinating work and school calendars multiple times, possibly pulling the kids out of class each time, and missing work.

Score your partner’s answers as follows.

  1. One point if your hubby can’t (or won’t) schedule a dentist appointment without assistance.
  2. Two points if your hubby is willing, but helping him doubles your workload.
  3. Three points if your hubby is helpful, but his process results in one dentist visit/year vs. the recommended one/six months because of delayed scheduling, rescheduling, or missed appointments.
  4. And four points if your hubby is willing but can’t make it happen for any reason.

2) What Size Shoes Do Our Kids Wear?



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