Help Me Pick My Word of the Year

Have you chosen a “Word of the Year” before?

Choosing a word of the year is an alternative to setting New Years Resolutions. Instead, you select one word to be your focus for the year — it’s a theme of sorts. It sets the tone.

You can refer to the word to inform your goals or steer your intentions, but the idea is that it all ties together.

For example, if your word of the year was “consistency” as mine was in 2020, you might measure streaks or track behaviors and performance.

I haven’t selected my word for 2021 yet, but I’m getting closer. The photos in this post all reflect a word in contention.

I’m looking for the perfect word that captures what I hope for this year. See, 2021, for me, is a balm for 2020. Crucially, it’s not an overcorrect, but a rather matter-of-fact embarkation into what’s possible.

I’m a doer, a driver, an achiever. To sit out an entire year was contrary to my natural state, and I have some pent-up energy to spend, so I want to channel it advantageously.

That said, I took the lessons and blessings in stride, but I don’t want to continue to wait. I want to create my future, take bold strategic risks, and pick a word that captures it.

I’m a coach, a writer, and a mom of three who wants to do all the things. And by all the things, I mean travel (please, post-pandemic), live my best life, study all of my obsessions (er passions), raise incredible kids, enjoy our beautiful home, have some boom-chicka-boom time with hunky hubby, walk the dog, and buy a home in Europe. Screeeeech. What? I know. Detour.

I’m a peanut butter and jelly girl for the most part. Learning, exploring, serving, creating, family, and sunshine fill me up — that’s about it. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy low-key.

But, I’m ready, beyond ready really, craving actually, a change. I’m feeling a calling towards something bigger — a significant, life-affirming change.

I’m thinking a new level of indulgence, trust, inspiration, creativity, a (how do you write the word that describes the sound you make when you) stretcccccccchhhhhhh. Ah.

Once you know your word or have narrowed it down to nine or so, try them on for size. If it’s the one, it will fit like it’s meant to be. It’s your wedding dress. Trust yourself to recognize what’s made for you. What boosts your confidence and makes you delirious with possibility?

Put the word in prominent places to keep it top of mind — your phone, laptop, and iPad lock screen, your master bath mirror, where you hang your keys, and share it with hubby and an accountability buddy too.

Then, take it on! Settle into it and strut your stuff. You are about to discover each other’s secrets, nuances, and truths over the next twelve months. It can be quite a journey.

Media executive turned female founder, life and business coach for ambitious moms. Schedule your free strategy session at

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