Hope? Hope?! Does the World Feel Hopeful to You? {insert exasperated sound here}

You need a plan. You need hope. You need resilience. And you need support. Over the next few posts, I will share how to achieve all four.

This is PART TWO: Hope

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Part Two: Hope

Your vision for the future drives your behavior.

“Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.” — Robert H. Schuller

Last week, in Part One, we talked about the likelihood of a recession and the collective mood, which can be loosely summed up as follows: making the most of summer, hoping for the best, worried about the worst, fingers crossed, also, afraid to look too far out, but the kids are happy, and I have a great tan, and I’m exhausted and can’t keep piling it on. Or something like that.

We also talked about a two-step process to find your purpose and use it to weather the storm. Yes, just two steps. You can download the guide to do that here.

Today, we will explore HOPE, and I’m intentionally keeping it light because complexity is the antithesis of hopefulness.

Everyone has moments when the world carries on in a blur of activity, and you don’t have the energy or desire to participate; when opting out is easier because you don’t see the point. If you feel hopeless, it’s not a great place to start, but what if it’s not one thing? What if there are many reasons to feel hopeless?

Complexity is Not that Simple

I read a cool article about Complexity Theory. I’ll try to provide the executive overview.

  • Simple problems with few variables and apparent solutions are best approached intuitively.
  • Complicated issues with knowable variables and solutions that may not be obvious but have definable cause-and-effect are best approached analytically.
  • Complex predicaments with any number of variables, most of which are UNknowable, and the cause and effect are not obvious or necessarily definable either, are best approached with complexity —…



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