I read this and my heart broke. As a mother, the fact that I and other mothers do nothing for the border children, or frankly any suffering children, is shameful. I’m at a loss.

“It will be remembered forever. Even though it is forgotten every moment.”

So much this. On some level, when we don’t help others when we can, it instills or reinforces our own fears that we can’t expect others to help when we need them, that they’ll stand by too despite our unimaginable suffering. Not acting fractures all of us.

“You cannot put children in cages without believing they are not humans. And you cannot believe children are not humans without abandoning your own humanity.”

This too nails our worst fears, that for so many atrocities throughout history, the people in charge, the people who went along, weren’t just doing what they had to do to survive a terrible time, they were capitalizing on a deep-seeded belief that some lives matter more than others, that their lives mattered more than others. It’s horrifying and undeniable.

I wasn’t going to respond to your post despite how much it moved me because what you’ve written is so beautiful and effective. Like I said, it broke my heart, and a broken heart can be very motivating. But then earlier this week I read that the Homeland Security Chief Kirstjen Nielsen can’t provide the number of migrant deaths under her watch. When pressed, she said, “I don’t have an exact figure.”

I almost threw up. It took me right back into your story, to those who are currently being traumatized and those who are being re-traumatized. Nielsen’s statement disqualifies her from the position she holds. It’s a confession that she has already abandoned her humanity.

Anyone in that role should be haunted by the deaths. They should not only know the numbers, but the names and faces should be seared on her heart and in her mind, disrupting her sleep, upsetting her appetite, unshakeable. For most of us, they would be.

Thank you for this. You have a gift. I’m sorry I’m not doing more.

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