If Money Can Fix It, It’s Not a Problem

You need a plan. You need hope. You need resilience. And you need support. Over the next few posts, I will share how to achieve all four.



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There’s a big difference between being supported and doing it alone.

Last week in Part Three, we talked about the ability to recover from the tough stuff, spring back into shape, return to who you are and what you want, withstand stress, pressure, and uncertainty, and maintain your capacity to carry on — in short, RESILIENCE.

This is part four, and next week, I’ll share how it all comes together in a casual change your life way, but this week, let’s talk about SUPPORT.

First, A Story

I was talking to someone I love dearly when he said, I’m waiting until I have enough money to retire.

I’ve known this person my whole life, and it caught me off guard. Why? Because it’s the same story I’ve heard from him throughout.

  • I’m waiting until I have enough money to travel.
  • I’m waiting until I have enough money to move.
  • I’m waiting until I have enough money for x, y, and z.

“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready.” — Hugh Laurie

Support isn’t someone handing you a stack of bills to fix your money problem. Support is someone lovingly reflecting back your words (and actions), so you notice the patterns and see when you are a broken record — stuck on repeat. I’m waiting until I have enough money is quicksand. Stay there, and you’ll struggle until you drown.

What’s Your Story?

If you were streaming the movie of your life, what would be the theme? What would be your catchphrase? What would be your dream?

Is there an idea you are hanging on to that you don’t even know you are attached to that is literally guiding your life? That is so ingrained in who you are that you haven’t even realized that it’s just a belief, and beliefs can be changed?



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