If New Years Resolutions Don’t Work for You, Do This Instead

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I love New Year’s resolutions; I’m very easily inspired. However, up to 80% of the world will fail or give up by mid-Feb, so clearly there’s room for improvement. No judgment here. If resolutions aren’t your thing, there are many worthwhile alternatives.

I’ve shared twelve, in the briefest, simplest terms necessary. Don’t overcomplicate it or feel any pressure. Skim them and pick the one that stands out. Do that in January.

If it works, great! Double-down, take it to the next level, or add on another one. If it doesn’t, bookmark this so you can pick a new one in February, and so on throughout the year. You have twelve months and twelve chances to get it right.

If all else fails, scroll to the bottom and pick #12, my favorite of the entire list. Breathe deeply and trust that you can have a better 2020. It’s right around the corner, and it’s yours to make it whatever you need it to be. May one or more of these be the right answer for you.

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Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement. — James Clear

1. Improve your systems.

Consistency matters, so to start, choose a quick, repeatable win that will help you live better, or move you closer to who you want to become. Then do it every day. Don’t think of it as building a habit, or changing your behavior, think of it as a critical step in building a personalized system for a better life. You know where you can create your biggest edge, what’s getting in your way, and what you want, so take ownership of your life strategies too.

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Each morning, as we face the page, we meet ourselves. — Julia Cameron

2. Establish a morning routine.

As soon as you wake up, before the day gets away from you, before you are responsible…

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