It’s the Last Place You Would Think to Look

I heard this on an Instagram Live over the holidays and wanted to share it with you. I searched and searched but couldn’t find the post or anything related on Google, so I’ll recount it as I heard it. If anyone knows more, please respond.

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Photo by Pier Luigi Valente on Unsplash

God Hid Pieces of Himself in You

All humans used to be gods, but they so dishonored their divinity that God took away their holiness and hid it where it could never be found.

But if God dropped it to the bottom of the ocean, humans would become obsessed with diving down, and if it were hidden on top of the highest mountain, surely we would climb up. And if God buried it in the ground, wouldn’t we destroy the earth to find it?

How could God possibly keep it from our reach?

Finally, God decided to hide our divinity deep in the center of our being, for humans rarely go there.

And it was the perfect hiding place.

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