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Tonight, I’m going to write stream-of-consciousness and assume you’ve read me to date, which means an investment of 11 days if you need to catch up. Back so soon?

James Altucher posted The Most Important Reasons I Waste My Life Writing tonight. It’s just like his other stuff, pulls you in immediately, challenges you at least a few times, and implants something in your brain that you must think about for a few days before you can determine if it fits.

I discovered him (ok, I didn’t discover him, I became aware of his stuff) early in my severance window, so circa Fall 2016. I think I was searching for something about entrepreneurship and HBO, which don’t typically go together unless you are ex-HBO which Altucher and I am. And, I know he’s been doing his thing forever, but I was firmly and happily ensconced in the corporate world, which means oblivious to everything else…until I wasn’t, and that’s when I caught up to the digital world the rest of you already knew.

I started reading some of his posts and then read more and more and more and here we are more than a year later and I’m still reading. He’s very very effective about linking his new stuff to his old stuff, which brings me to the point — his post tonight was about why he writes. He posted it 4 hours ago and currently has 73 claps and 1 response. Now 74. In it, he writes about one of his most popular posts ever — How to Get an MBA from Eminem — and oddly doesn’t link to it, but maybe that’s intentional because when you start searching for “how to get an MBA” on Google, guess what the top three autocompletes are?! No really, ask the person sitting nearest to you to finish the sentence and I guarantee they will guess #1 (Harvard) and #2 (Stanford) and they will never ever guess #3 (Eminem).

Ladies and Gentlemen, he wrote that post in January of 2014. Four years ago, and it still ranks in the top three of search results. Incredible. That’s the power of writing my friends, and why we do it. It’s pretty bada$$ and so was the movie (8 Mile).

Ok, next. Wild Africa is a 3D documentary production from BBC Earth, likely playing at a museum near you. We took our little ones tonight and I share this because the cinematography is spectacular. There were obviously a lot of drones involved to get so up close and personal with the animals. It follows the changing seasons and the impact to the animals and gives a broad overview of the continent. My kiddos are obsessed with African animals and desperate to visit. Our plan is to do a safari in 2024, so we are saving up, starting a few months ago. We were discussing it afterwards and despite loving it, the takeaways were depressing, deforestation, endangered animals, drought, and the fear/hope of desalination, and I’m wondering if part of the reason we currently have such a pessimistic view of humans and their impact on the planet is because of our current President. Ugh. Yep, that’s why. Can you imagine him protecting our earth in any way? Me neither. I watched the Margot Robbie/Ellen video that’s circulating today too, which is awesome (super funny and can she be any more adorable?) but can you imagine if Trump was the one in the gym with her instead of Obama? It would have had a dramatically different punchline which she wouldn’t have told Ellen about because his lawyers would have paid her off. Gross.

I don’t write because I want to live forever, even though I want to live forever. I write because it feels good, even when I’m struggling, even when it feels like work, even when I’m not satisfied, or even when I don’t know where I’m going with it. I don’t have a masterplan or even a plan, other than to experiment and learn and enjoy the ride. I do want to document the joys of motherhood though and the accessibility of happiness. People think that happiness is hard or something to achieve, they think that I’m “portraying a perfect life” on social. I’ve just been genuinely happy for 42 years and I don’t know why, I mean I have some ideas, but mostly, I think it’s just my nature and I thought everyone was like this. Even Altucher’s top two goals in life are about happiness: 1) I want to be happy and 2) I want to eradicate unhappiness in my life. I’m realizing as I write this that it would be worth the effort to figure out why and how and if it’s teachable (even monetizable?).

So finally, insurance: It’s embarrassing really how much insurance a modern-day family requires — life, health, auto, additional property, home, umbrella, general, professional, and more. I wonder if there was suddenly legislation that obliterated the industry, what would happen? I mean, I know, it’s too big to fail, but really, what would happen? Please, someone smarter than me? It’s such a racket, paying premiums now for disasters or inevitabilities later. It’s the complete opposite of compounding interest, which I’ve started a post about, and I hope I finish.

The good thing about insurance, or at least my experience with it today, is that in our quest to reevaluate our plans and comparison shop, we had to answer tough questions about our business, so it forced our hand in the clarity and definitiveness department.

Other stuff: I decided to let the two editors that reached out to me earlier this year, publish my stories. Not sure if it’s the right decision, but going for it feels amazing.

And finally, finally, the resources today that I’m psyched about:

How to Get Published in Publications: The Beginner’s Guide to Medium #1

Finally Starting Your Business This Year? Here’s Your Ultimate 12-Point Checklist

Have These 6 Key Traits? Then Now is the Time for You to Quit Your Job

Oh wait, I almost forgot, I participated in a virtual conference today, my first one, brought to you courtesy of Marketing Profs and it was awesome! See my photo up above. There was an auditorium where you could stream speakers, a library where you could download resources, and an exhibit hall where you could interact with the sponsor companies. I haven’t done this before and was thoroughly impressed.

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