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I’ve been thinking about my business for a long time, too long in fact. I’m definitely overthinking it at this point and starting to lose perspective. I pitch my husband all. the. time. and he always says the same thing, “All of your ideas are brilliant, just pick one, and go for it.” He’s the best.

Why the hesitation? Partly because I want to do a dozen things and don’t want to commit to just one, partly because I’m not entirely sure where to start so I procrastinate by focusing on the details, partly because the anticipation feels so good. Do you know how satisfying it is picking fonts, building style boards, reading recommendations, interviews, and advice? I could pin to Pinterest and brainstorm business names and marketing campaigns all day long and be happy (mostly).

It’s time to get out of my head and create something tangible. I recently wrote a short business book. My process went loosely like this: I searched Amazon for the book I needed, then searched the web, then visited the library, then modified my search terms to look for related relevant content, got lost on several tangents, looked some more, gave up, tried again a few weeks later, then, starting with Amazon, cycled through the entire process again, and still didn’t find what I was looking for. I was really stumped. Isn’t everything accessible now? That and the whole instant gratification thing just threw me.

I couldn’t imagine being the first person who needed this book and recognized the obvious benefit for others too. I had a little flash that maybe I should write the book. Of course I quickly dismissed it, wallowing in self doubt and credibility issues. The one day, I surprised myself by simply surrendering to my instinct, sitting down, and writing it. The writing was actually easier than I expected, the focusing was much more difficult, but I did it!

I’m in the process of publishing and will definitely give you a heads up when it’s available. It may not be amazing, but it may help you or someone who needs it. Tim Ferriss recently talked about writing his first book on his podcast and basically suggested that you shouldn’t write a book unless you can’t live with it stuck in your head. That’s where I was. I was writing it all hours of the day, even in my sleep, organizing my outline, thinking of tidbits I definitely wanted to include, constantly distracted by it.

I’m having that same feeling about starting a business. I’m “working on it” around the clock. I visualize my business plan, success, clients, colleagues, collaboration. I envision expansion, the day-to-day, and wrestling with important business decisions. All the facets of building a business are seemingly coming to life, but it’s all in my head, and I want it out. Ferriss also said if you’re serious, at some point, keeping it in your head will become a greater pain point than going for it. I’m clearly there.

I may succeed. I may fail. Oddly, I’m more attached to the process than the outcome at this point, less concerned with what others think, and deeply interested in my level of courage. Of course I want to build something amazing, who doesn’t, but I gotta start somewhere. And while that might not sound like the killer instinct so many declare necessary, I’ve got a competitive advantage that surpasses all others — my family loves me no matter what and that means the world to me.

So, it is time. The vague snowball sense of urgency has morphed into an avalanche call to action and I’m ready to answer it. I recently read that the likelihood that your startup will be profitable is heavily influenced by the speed at which you launch. Hmmm. Let’s do this.

Life coach for women. Writer for 29 publications. Happiness, success, productivity, balance, leadership, inspiration. Follow me on Instagram @coachformoms.

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