Life Lessons from Tony Soprano & Agent Harris

I’ll keep this short and sweet — capisce?

Actor James Gandolfini at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival

Tony Soprano, played by actor James Gandolfini, was the Street Boss of the DiMeo crime family in the HBO show, “The Sopranos.” Tony’s job was to maintain criminal operations and harmony among peers inside the mob. He toed the line between good and evil with ease.

Some days, Tony was emotionally disconnected, a complicated man with anger issues who solved his problems with violence. At times heroic, he was also loyal and loving toward his family and friends.

Funny and undeniably charming, Tony’s complexity made him famous among viewers, the cast, on set, and one of the most influential characters in television history. It also made him easy to root for and even to forget he was an evil man.

“All due respect, you got no f — ing idea what it’s like to be Number One. Every decision you make affects every facet of every other f — ing thing. It’s too much to deal



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