Look, Lady, I’m Burned Out, Stressed Out, and Barely Know What Day It Is; I Don’t Have Time to Contemplate the Meaning of Life

You need a plan. You need hope. You need resilience. And you need support. Over the next few posts, I will share how to achieve all four.


This is PART ONE: The Path to Purpose

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Part One: The Plan

Is a recession coming? It depends on who you ask. I go by the signs in my neighborhood, and do you know what I see?

  • I see houses for sale sitting longer than they have in a very long time.
  • I see dead trees and lawns and people not watering or weeding.
  • And I see shelves and isles of out-of-stock items at Sams, Costco, Target, and the local grocery stores. And customer service workers have had it.

Read your own tea leaves, but mine say the likelihood is increasing. Plus, I feel it. The collective mood — hoping for the best but increasingly worried about the worst — is palpable.

There is so much pent-up energy out there. Life has been on hold for a couple of years now, and people want to make plans to enjoy life, but there’s a back-of-the-brain awareness that it costs so much and everything is still uncertain.

As the academic year draws closer, there’s been no resolution about gun control, so expect anxious parents making impossible decisions while childcare is also impossible, the economy teeters, covid is seemingly everywhere again, and it costs $100 to leave your house, even if you don’t buy anything but gas. Oh, and equality and the environment are accelerating in the wrong direction.


As the days get shorter and the weather colder, my prediction is that our collective tolerance will drop precipitously too.

How will YOU Weather the Storm, My Friend?

There are a few ways to fortify your reserves and stay steady. Over the next few posts, I’m going to share them. It’s not going to be easy, but the plan is simple.

  1. Plan.



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