Midlife Masterclass

Picking right back up where we left off, this week’s post is the next 14 life lessons (in my 48 life lessons for my 48th birthday). Enjoy!



Learn Your Natural Schedule

You know, as a coach, I love the ideal day exercise. It’s so informative! And inspiring. But there’s a powerful life hack you can implement way before your ideal days come true: using your natural schedule to your advantage.

It might sound like the same thing, but it’s more like a prerequisite. Think of it this way: your brain and body prefer the conditions under which they work best.

Complex problem-solving or creative writing might be easier in the morning. Working out may work better in the afternoon. Generally speaking, men have 24-hour cycles, women have 28-day cycles, and energy, attention, focus, confidence, and moods fluctuate accordingly.

Self-awareness is paramount. Knowing when something comes easily for you and when you can focus most intently to do your best work vs. when you struggle and when it’s hard to produce anything of value will make you 10,000 times more productive than any productivity hack.

Learn your schedule, know your body, train your brain, and life becomes exponentially simpler. This advantage will give you an edge.

Make Peace with Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and Taxes

Blah, blah, adulting, blah. If I were reading this, I’d skip this section, too, because it’s a racket (but also a fact of life).

So either educate yourself, find a trusted advisor, or learn as you go, but due diligence is the name of the game. And the earlier you start, the less expensive it will be, and if you have kids, it’s even more essential to devise a plan you feel good about and run with it.

You can (and should) reevaluate annually or with significant life changes. You don’t have to like it but don’t fight it. Learn to make it work in your favor. (I’m sensing a theme here.)

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