Mom Brain Isn’t a Problem

Jokes about mommy brain have been out there for as long as I can remember. It’s the idea that your babies have so depleted your reserves that you can’t think after pregnancy.

But it’s not entirely true.

You’re exhausted and stressed, and the learning curve can be dramatic. And why joking about a vulnerable time seems appropriate, I’ll never know. Motherhood makes you a fierce mama bear with new superpowers, but vulnerability is real.

Did I mention the exhaustion? Physical? Emotional? In every way you can be? So far beyond exhausted that we need a better word for it.

Every 2 Hours

After we brought the twins home, with instructions to nurse or feed them every two hours around the clock, I remember falling asleep after tagging my husband in on day two (or two hundred), waking up in a pool of sweaty hormones, aching and oozing everywhere and thinking, “I don’t know if I can survive this.”

That’s the level of exhaustion that needs a name.

When you’re tired like that, it is hard to remember stuff. Your brain does feel foggy. It is challenging to recall words, names, details, or dates.

And you think it will get better, but spoiler alert, it doesn’t really. It comes and goes, and you learn to manage it.

There’s always a new phase, a new challenge, more kids, an aging dog, a health concern, or another reason you don’t sleep soundly anymore.

And I wouldn’t trade it, of course. Being a mom is everything, but I wish the world extended a little more grace (to moms).

That’s it. That’s the full post this week.


A gentle reminder to give grace when you can, especially to yourself. Everyone truly is fighting a battle you know nothing about. And who wants to live in a world without moms? It’s necessary, duh, and moms make life better.

PS: Although mom brain is often thought of as a joke, a woman’s brain does change during pregnancy and after delivery, and in the most remarkable ways (just like her body). Moms are pretty cool.

PPS: If you haven’t already, it’s time to order, ship, plan, make reservations, or get your Mother’s Day gift together. You’re welcome!

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