Mom-Shaming Status-Seeking Lies

I wasn’t going to write this post. There are things that drive me crazy that I’ve learned not to weigh in on. Like political bumper stickers. Whyyyyyyy?

You know you’re pissing off 50% of the other drivers on the road. And some of those people are road-rage-fueled maniacs. Don’t poke the bear.

Yet here I am, always falling for the humble brag and unable to resist the pick-a-side posts. Gah! I know better. Nevertheless, let’s talk about a few recent examples I got sucked into.

Stroller Wars

The tipping point was the stroller wars, so let’s start there. Apparently, it’s a thing. Some moms feel judged as a parent by their stroller.

On a recent IG post from Parents account, more than 7,000 people resonated with not having what is considered one of the higher-end luxury baby strollers and feeling judged by the parents who do.

I didn’t think it was a thing. It felt like another divisive post meant to polarize and said as much. Who cares what stroller you have?

More than 200 people disagreed with me, saying the right stroller matters. And while we are beyond the stroller stage, when we were in that stage, we had all the strollers:

  • A double tandem that the twins’ car seats snapped into when they were infants
  • A double umbrella when we traveled that we didn’t give a hoot about if it got scratched, spilled on, or dinged up
  • A single for our third, which was, if I recall, a trade for one of the doubles
  • A triple when we were trying to keep them all corraled, especially great for theme parks and dog walks
  • A quad for their cousins or friends in the neighborhood to squeeze into too, but now that I think of it, a bulky beast (way too heavy, impossible to get in the car, a waste of money for the few times we used it, but the kids loved filling it with stuffies and pushing it in the garage, which is not a reason to buy a stroller btw, so we donated it to a daycare). Somebody probably judged us for that one, and rightfully so; it was lime green.

But our favorite was our off-roading double mountain buggy with giant all-terrain wheels that my colleagues chipped in to buy us. We…

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