Mothers are Holding up the World

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How did that happen?

Make no mistake; it’s falling on the shoulders of the moms to make school work. Either you are a business owner with three remote schooling kiddos 🙋🏻‍♀️ , a WFHM who is homeschooling her children, or a working mom with children going back in person. But with the uncertainty and new policies, it’s moms who take on the added emotional labor too.

We see it all.

I don’t know if anyone feels like their situation is ideal. I don’t know any mother who feels that it isn’t impacting her career, trajectory, productivity, mental health, marriage, or well-being.

Not today, mamas.

I’m not depressed or resigned, but it’s important to tell our truth and let it stand. Mothers are bearing the brunt of this pandemic in so many ways. If you know one (or several), do something nice for them — the kind of nice that takes something off their to-do lists, like offer to pay for their instacart or run an errand for them. They are holding up the world.

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