Not To Be Dramatic, But This Practice Will Make You Richer And Healthier And Make Life Easier And Better

Last Saturday, I spoke to a group of women about four common themes most women, especially working moms, struggle with. I described the life challenges and encouraged the women in the room to pick the one that resonated the most.

Surprisingly, most women at the event self-selected into the least popular category. I’ve never had that happen before.

Then, we broke into four like-minded groups to connect over a few coaching exercises meant to spark new insights, reveal deep truths, break old barriers, and challenge limiting beliefs.

But let me back up for a minute.

I’m always curious when a client wants to work on “just this one thing” because it’s never one thing, is it? When you zero in on a singular topic, it can actually limit growth because, while there may be something overarching or urgent, most challenges aren’t isolated.

Most are interrelated, and how we see that connection and respond to that interrelationship affects our ability to move beyond them. That’s why scoring each of the four categories and ranking them in priority order is so valuable.

When you know if one area is dominant or you think you have only one issue but are shocked to find it’s more complex or even something else entirely, you can create a plan specifically tailored to your needs.

Further, in almost all cases, when the most monumental challenges are addressed, nearly all women report a better quality of life and dramatic progress toward their goals. So, the improvement across the board happens, but next-level advancement follows as well.

Think about your toughest challenges and everyday struggles. Have you ever found yourself intensely focused on one area of life, only to notice others unraveling? Conversely, progress in one direction might highlight a need for improvement elsewhere.

Deciding where to start and what to focus on can be overwhelming. Take this quiz to pinpoint and prioritize the areas where support and guidance could make a world of difference for you. Then, rank your challenges to discover what type of transformation could change your…



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