Priceless Secrets and the People Who Tell Them

Did you ever have that feeling like someone was sharing a priceless secret? Either the hairs on the back of your neck stood up, or you wrote it down, bookmarked it, or remember thinking, this is something that matters.

Take 90 seconds to reflect on a quote that stood out, a person who shared something, an interview that made you think differently, or a book you read that stayed with you.

When you think back to the important advice you’ve received, was there anything that it had in common?

Here’s a clue — it wasn’t the topic that mattered, nor when you heard it.

Whether it was about your career or your marriage, your health, or raising kids, from music to sports to learning to succeeding, from elementary school on, if you look back, I bet you can see a theme in the person/people who shared it.

When we witness those people who seem to be first and fastest, who know secrets we don’t know, who are intelligent, generous, and resourceful, who create trends and shape destinies, the thing that they have in common is that they are filled with wonder.

People at the top of their game, those who achieve at the highest levels and change the world, those that we see and admire for how they do it all without breaking a sweat, they are light; they radiate light.

A lot of people call it a growth mindset, but it goes deeper. They live extraordinary lives and come up with exceptional conclusions, solutions, and ideas because they can tap into universal wisdom and abundance.

Their awe and appreciation for things we don’t even notice never runs out.

They have the mental mastery not just to see it and learn, to appreciate it and grow, but to sort through it and make connections and link ideas to deepen their experience, and it’s all an exercise in wonder.

They are Endlessly Inspired

Imagine that. Imagine your baseline being endless inspiration.

Life-affirming and infinite.

This is a core belief that warrants further consideration.

Take it to heart. Spend some time with it.

Life is stunning and full of wonder.

Life is stunning and full of wonder.

If that was a core belief for you, what would change in your life?

What would it look like if your life was endlessly amazing?

Would you trust it?

No matter what?

If you can get on board with how incredible it is to be alive and feel the opportunity and true potential of that — if you can experience the magic and mystique, wisdom and discovery, the brilliance and sheer miraculousness of every day — you will have no choice but to be endlessly inspired.

What a wonderFULL approach to life.

Kristi Andrus life coach for business moms

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