Productivity Pro Tips for Maycember

(Parents Know What This Means)

May is December without Christmas. It’s jam-packed with personal and professional obligations, school and social engagements, and the unofficial start of summer.

In this bustling season, it’s easy to feel like a bedraggled cat nearly drowned in the current. So why is it the perfect time to take on more?

(Don’t stop reading: You got this!) Because with the right mindset, you can turn even the most challenging situations into opportunities for growth and success.

Why tackle more during a time when you’re already stretched thin? Because I have a secret to share: When you’re confronted with an overwhelming workload — when it feels like you’re drowning in tasks — it’s actually the prime moment to embrace the momentum. Instead of resisting, ride the wave. You’re already in hustle mode, surpassing your everyday pace. You’re in the zone. Harness. That. Energy.

Navigating the Current: A Guide to Productivity in May

When the current pulls you out, the instinct might be to fight against it. But swimming against the current only leads to exhaustion and frustration. The key to safely…



Kristi Andrus life and business coach

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