Replace Fear with Curiosity and See What Happens

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In my coaching and content, I talk a lot about freedom. It’s ironic because it wasn’t a concern BK (Before Kids).

The tradeoffs between work and life always seemed worth it.

  • Do A = Earn a promotion.
  • Do B = Get a raise.
  • Do C = Land a new client.
  • Do D = Get a new high-profile project/opportunity.

Rinse and repeat. I knew the tangible result of hard work.

But then…engaged, married, pregnancy, twins, three under three, and real life. The math didn’t add up anymore.

  • Do A = Miss out.
  • Do B = Be away from home.
  • Do C = Increase stress.
  • Do D = Further fracture time.

I began to understand the pain of compromise.

Freedom took on a new meaning.

Free meant…

  • Living in alignment with my values.
  • Prioritizing my family above everything.
  • Soul-satisfying profitable work.
  • Saying no.
  • Being wherever my family was.
  • Taking my family all over the world.
  • Creating, writing, coaching.
  • Choosing clients and collaboration partners.
  • Owning my time: making the most of it, wasting it according to my pleasure, being spontaneous or strategic according to my goals, and simply enjoying every minute of my life.

When my desire for freedom increased, I began to make different decisions.

Coaching Curiosity

If you’ve coached with me, you know one of the hallmarks of my coaching is open-mindedness. I’m genuinely interested in how your brain works, your highest potential, and helping you create a personalized path to all your heart’s desires.

And I’m very good at reframing beliefs, challenging assumptions, and broadening perspectives, but what’s most integral to my coaching is that through our time together, you learn how to trust yourself, whether that’s again, for the first time, or on a deeper…

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