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Be a Storyteller

Blakely’s story is fascinating, and she maximizes it. She knows she’s in a unique position to dole out advice from a rare vantage point. Many ambitious women want to learn from her, and she’s a relatable yet iconic teacher.

Prioritize What Matters

A mother of four, when asked how she does it, Blakey is candid about the self-doubt and mom guilt that came with becoming a working mother. She gives credit to her husband, with whom she tag-teams home and parenting responsibilities, and credits her ability to prioritize, delegate, and stop sabotaging thoughts in their tracks.

Stay in Your Lane

Blakely balances persistence with humor and vulnerability. She knows by the nature of what she sells and why her customers buy it, that there is an intimate connection between them, so she keeps it light, but personal. For example, once seated between Warren Buffett and Madeleine Albright, she asked Albright her bra size to send her a gift — a business move that took moxie and humility.

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Life coach for women. Writer for 29 publications. Happiness, success, productivity, balance, leadership, inspiration. Follow me on Instagram @coachformoms.

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