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I am writing and publishing daily but sometimes it ends up on another platform, so I thought it might be helpful to share some of the resources I’ve been digesting, and some of the homework I’ve been completing.

First up, Emily Cassel coaches women entrepreneurs and leaders. I’ve only recently discovered her but I appreciate her ease, accessibility, and casual approach to deep work. So far, I’ve participated in her Success Accelerator and it was an insightful focused way to kick off 2018.

I also participated in Benjamin Hardy’s 52 Weeks of Momentum webinar and you’re probably more familiar with him as he’s all over Medium. It was as inspirational and informative as you’d expect. He does an incredible job of making technical information relatable.

Between the two of them I’m fired up, so much so that I’ve also been revisiting some of the exercises that I postponed during the crazy chaos of Christmas including my business plan, vision board, mission statement, brand positioning, pitch, and refining my services and price points. Candidly, I’m not there yet on any of them, but they are progressing well and I’m experiencing so much synchronicity that it hardly feels like work.

Four other articles that I’ve already returned to a few times this year:

9 Lessons in Content Marketing

Defining Buyer Personas

How To Identify Your Top Priorities And Brave Up to Honor Them

The Business Model Canvas

Two articles that I’m looking forward to diving into:

The 30 Best Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs in 2017

20 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Business

Key takeaways so far — 1) everything you need to know is out there if you look hard enough, what a ridiculously fortunate time to be launching 2) learning is like travel, you want to go everywhere and learn everything about everything but even the luckiest among us have limited resources and 3) “masterclass” is already deeply emblazoned on my brain and definitely feels like a trend for 2018.

Finally, I’m psyched to start testing this stuff so I’m reaching out to actual people (gasp!) to discuss ideas with contacts beyond those I’m related to, those who’ve seen me puke in college, and those who technically aren’t people, but listen really well and might be my dog. I’m also building a word cloud for my vision board and wondered if there’s an app for that. Recommendations?

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