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Steal This System for the Best Summer Ever

A 90-Day Plan for Working Parents

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You Only Have 18 Summers

I’m a broken record with this, but it’s such an urgent, vivid reminder: You only get 18 summers with your children. 18!

If that isn’t shock enough, it’s also a tricky time of year. Intuitively, it feels like it will slow down. School is nearly over, the days are getting longer, and the anticipation of 57 million kids counting down to pool time smells like overripe coconuts.

But between camp and travel (hooray, travel!), there’s a bittersweet element too. Summer is sweet but so so short and as busy as can be. It will come and go in an instant, and then the typical fall whirlwind signals the holiday crazies, and that’s that — another season, another summer, another year — POOF. Gone. So very fleeting.

Stop the Madness

This summer will be different. We’ve learned a lot in the last two years, and now, it’s time to apply the lessons. This plan is only five steps and should take less than an hour. It’s an investment now and in your future, because you’ll be making lifetime memories and implementing a 90-day system that might make you think differently about your approach to time.

If you dream of a summer that your children remember forever and a summer that is a milestone in your career, you will have to be intentional and strategic. Here’s how to do it.

1: Print blank calendars for May, June, and July. Make an extra copy. You’ll be marking all over the first version, and the second version will be the final (pretty) version you post in your office.

2: Set your Top 3 Summer Goals. These are the BIG, overarching objectives that capture how you want to feel, what you want to achieve, and what will move your career or business forward.

3: Break each of your Top 3 Summer Goals into three parts. Again, keep it high-level. Resist the urge to get in the weeds or create a To-Do List. Focus on the most important ways to achieve your Top 3 Summer Goals and use the three sub-goals to break them into appropriate steps. Think easy and actionable…



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