Stop Saying, “I Don’t Know.”

An empowered woman listens to, speaks on, and acts from her inner knowing. She trusts her intuition and isn’t afraid to own it. She doesn’t say, “I don’t know,” because she does.

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I started this post and then my parent’s dog died, and I just lost my mojo. Their little beagle died almost a year to the day after their other little beagle died, and honestly, I think they’ve been holding their breath for a year waiting for it.

It’s heartwrenching to watch them go through it, especially when we have an old dogger too, and because they are my parents, you know?

And then today’s Supreme Court decisions about guns and abortions. Exhale. It’s a lot.

You Know The Truth By The Way It Feels

But I want to touch on something about intuition, specifically women’s intuition, because it’s important. Your intuition is a gift. It’s not to be dismissed or minimized, or neglected. Use it. It’s your connection to source, your connection to nature, and your competitive advantage.

You, as a woman, know things about the world on an intuitive level that men don’t know. They just don’t. So, it’s vital that you lead and nurture and influence as you instinctively know-how. It’s for evolution and the good of the planet; it’s the simplest way to make life better for everyone.

I’d stop there, but I’m on a roll and feeling a little raw, so here we go. The Universe, God, your intuition, whatever you believe in, is continually nudging you towards your best life. You can believe in all three. If no one has ever said that to you, you get to pick your higher power. It can be a combo as unique as you.

With that, I want to share a Hawaiian prayer about intuition. Hawaii is one of our special spiritual places, and not only did we get engaged there (and name the dog mentioned above after the place), but we took all three of our babies there to baptize them in the ocean.

The official who presided over the ceremonies shared this prayer with me, and I think it perfectly captures my thoughts on intuition. I hope you like it.

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