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I had my first win! Woot! Woot! A publisher reached out to me last night from Archway Publishing, a division of Simon & Schuster. Apparently, we last connected 517 days ago and I had fallen through the cracks, but was on someone’s radar again. That someone asked if I’d written a book since then — August 2016 — and I responded that I had. She was surprised and I was happy to surprise her in that way.

Anyway, long story short, I’m pretty sure it was a sales call and it may not turn into anything at all, but it might! Regardless, the fact it happened not even 24 hours after I finally got up the courage to post for the first time on Medium feels like a little fist bump from the Universe. I’ve been getting nudges for awhile and finallllllllly bravedup. I’m a huge believer in synchronicity, so, yay. Thank you more please.

Life coach for women. Writer for 29 publications. Happiness, success, productivity, balance, leadership, inspiration. Follow me on Instagram @coachformoms.

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