There’s a Four-Step Process to Fulfillment for Career-Driven, Family-Oriented Women

But If You Can’t Do All Four, There’s a One-Word Answer


I empower women who seek clarity about their goals to live purposefully, balancing work, parenthood, and intentional living. My mission is to help them increase their income, reduce their workload, travel extensively, and find fulfillment, leading to a life of happiness and success.


Before we talk about the one word that changes everything, let’s walk through the four steps.


First, you’ve got to sort out your career. You’ve either got to quit the job that’s killing you or make a plan to. You can’t stay in a job that doesn’t value you or provide the resources to live the life you’ve been dreaming of.

So if you didn’t pick right, it didn’t pan out, it isn’t a fit anymore, or if it’s holding you back from achieving your potential, you’ve got to make a plan to get out.

You deserve to do inspiring, motivating work that compensates you for your talents and brilliance. And yes, this is Step One for a reason: because it’s the most complicated and scariest for many. There’s a lot to confront, unpack, and work through, but it’s worth it.

For now, imagine yourself in a fulfilling, lucrative career with enormous potential and breathe it in. Hold. Exhale. Continue…


Next, secondly, you’ve got to save more money, raise your credit score, buy less stuff, or spend less money, preferably all four. It’s simple math — calories in, calories out — but deceptively hard. Oh, it challenges most of us.

But if you had another way, an inheritance, a windfall, a big, fat account waiting for you, you would have already done the things you want to do. And if you have an inheritance, a windfall, a big, fat account waiting for you, what are you waiting for? Please spend it wisely, generously, and adventurously for all of us.

So, rip off the bandaid, face the addiction of retail therapy (if that’s a fit for you), and take positive steps in the right direction that will compound in your favor. You can pick any of…



Kristi Andrus life and business coach

When I drop my kids off at school, I always kiss them and shout, BE AMAZING! Love your life, make the most of it, level up, and be amazing.