This entire piece was so beautiful and bittersweet, made even more so by the uncertainty of life right now. I want to reassure you a little bit, if you’ll allow some big sister vibes.

When you find everlasting love, it won’t matter when you found it. Your life up until that point will be somewhat irrelevant because you’ll get a fresh start and it will only matter that you have it for the rest of your time.

And then, then, you may add kids to the mix too, and days will become weeks, and months will become years, and everything happens at once, and time is no longer a thing because moments are lifetimes and everything that matters will happen in one breath. In. Out. Wish. Real.

It’s exponentially better, and even though it speeds up every day, even during quarantine, you have so much time. So much time.

Here’s to being the one who sees 99, and setting that expectation for all the males in your family going forward.

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