Why Building Momentum Promotes a Better Quality of Life

This is your guide to own 2019 with five straightforward easy-to-implement strategies that can make a difference.

Best part? If you start today, you’ll not only create good habits that improve your quality of life now and in the future, but you’ll also build momentum propelling you forward on January 1, which is infinitely better than waking up hungover wondering WTF and where to start.

1) Practice The Art of Setting It In Motion To Open The Door To A Better Future.

Most of us are planners. We tend to get excited and have the best intentions. A lot less of us act. We chicken out or overthink it. We procrastinate because it isn’t perfect. We get lost in less meaningful tasks.

In 2019, I challenge you to do something every day that will positively influence your future even if, especially if, it means abdicating control. It doesn’t have to be perfect, life-changing, or huge, just put yourself out there a little bit more. Step outside your comfort zone to invite collaboration and feedback. Risk being seen.

For example, if you are thinking about writing; publish something — a thoughtful response to a question on Facebook instead of an emoji reply, a note to someone on LinkedIn that you admire, your first story on Medium. Each time you do, the next time will be exponentially easier.

If you are thinking about expanding your investment in your community, invite your neighbors over for tea and scones. Scoop the driveway across the street. Bake cookies and deliver them with the kiddos. Someone has to make the first move.

If you are thinking about more quality time as a family, schedule it, rearrange your calendar to ensure it happens, and make it a recurring appointment. Make it a no-screen zone too. Let the kiddos choose the activity. You can set a new tone for family engagement.

The thing is, if you hit publish, distribute the invites, put it in your calendar, you’ve set it in motion. It’s no longer just an intention; it’s out in the world. Your idea, your plan has seen the light of day and there’s power in starting something, of inviting others into the equation.

Once it’s in motion, there’s really only two choices — rise to the occasion, or not. Do what you said you wanted to do or drop the ball. People will like it, or not. You’ll enroll others, or not. You’ll build trust, or not. But no matter the outcome, you’re already better for doing it. Wishes and intentions don’t generate energy. They don’t impact others. They don’t create good. By initiating it, you’ve already declared you are ready for something more.

Why is that so essential? Because in order to live the life we want to live, we have to be the person we want to be. We have to show up as if we already are. Activating our plans is a form of keeping our promises, especially to ourselves. Even if we don’t know where we are headed or how much it means, it opens the door to a better future and prevents us from staying stuck. Stuck sucks and you want to thrive, don’t you?

2) Journal To Free Your Mind And Expand Your Consciousness.

Write whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. Consistency is key. Create a self-care routine around it and/or make it a ritual if you can. Use the time to get it out, get over it, set something in motion (see #1), figure something out, come up with cool ideas, resolve something, plan something, recall something, savor. Write what you want to say. Write to who you want to tell it to. List your goals. Make a to-do-list. Doodle. Draw a roadmap. Brainstorm a project. Build a vision board. Outline a book. Change how you perceive something. Write notes to your children. Count your blessings. Celebrate your wins. Set a timeline.

Do whatever you have to do to let it go from your daily thoughts, because when you are working on that stuff, whether consciously or unconsciously, you are distracting yourself from deeper work.

Free your mind to get into flow faster. When you journal, you are giving your subconscious permission to take it off your to-do list, to handle it for you, to work it out. By expanding your consciousness, you create room for something greater. When you journal, you are demonstrating your faith in the universe to conspire to make it happen.

3) Plan To Eat Healthier, Sleep Better, Workout And Budget More Consistently To Reap The Rewards.

It’s been recommended so many times and it bears repeating. If you are already doing these things, amazing! Keep going. If they’ve been on your list for years (years!), first consider what’s stopping you, or why it feels like such a burden, and then course correct. You may have to peel back the layers to get to the block and then neutralize the belief to break through your limitations. Then, take action towards improvement every day. Act as if you have always been doing these things.

Start there. Start today. Set it in motion. Do it consciously and deliberately until it no longer feels like a hassle. Do it until it feels natural, rewarding, unconscious, and you crave it — until it’s your default.

Doing these things is not punishment in the form of adulting, it’s an opportunity to prove your readiness for more. Take care of yourself first and then reap the rewards.

4) Read Something Every Day That Changes You.

Read something that either transports you into another world, teaches you something, inspires you, affects you, connects you to others, motivates your next move or widens your perspective. Look for compelling sources and read until your anxiety, anger, apathy, and judgment disintegrate.

Get out of your head, out of your home, out of your neighborhood, out of your city, out of your country and realize the powerful polarity of your significance and your insignificance.

5) Audit Your Life To Continue Making Progress.

Pick three critical aspects of your life — usually home, body, mind — are safe bets and audit them. Ask yourself each day: Are they in alignment with each other and the best version of me? Are they a reflection of what’s possible for my life, what I know is meant for me? Am I maximizing my opportunity to live authentically and achieve my potential? Am I postponing something that I know is good for me or good for others? Can I take set something in motion today to do better? Am I investing in the highest potential ROI?

Ask daily until you are motivated to level up. Empathize with yourself, how hard it can be and was, then take a deep breath and find gratitude in your journey. Honor your effort, then get to work (again).

Don’t be daunted. You got this. Really. You do. This is your year. The momentum you are building will give you a better quality of life now and will take you to better places than you even hoped in the future.



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Kristi Andrus

Kristi Andrus


Kristi Andrus is a life coach for women in business (corporate and entrepreneurship). She writes about happiness, success, family, and travel.