This One is for the Queens of Overthinking

How to Stop Hesitating and Go for What You Want in 5 (Uncomplicated) Steps

One of the things that gets in our way, as in yours in mine, and all of the rest of the Queens of Overthinking, is overthinking. Groan. Who’s surprised?

Overthinking can be caused by fear, insecurity, trauma, or perfectionism. It can also be a symptom of anxiety or depression. Catastrophizing, personalization, and black-and-white thinking contribute to overthinking. It’s not great.

Overthinking can affect how you experience and engage with the world around you — preventing you from making important decisions, keeping you from enjoying the present moment, and draining you of the energy it takes to get through life. There are so many ways it holds us back.

So today, please join me in walking through a short exercise — 5 simple steps — to break this unfortunate habit, stop procrastinating, postponing, and hesitating, and accelerate your progress, change something in your life, or create a really big result in a really short time without over-strategizing, over-researching, over-planning, or overthinking. And without totally having to address what lies at the root.

The key to this exercise is to go with your gut. Answer quickly and decisively and move forward without looking back. Deliberation, doubt, and second-guessing are forms of overthinking and to be avoided.

You don’t need additional information to consider all possible options or be overly thoughtful about your choices in this exercise. Right now, prioritize doing even if you’re a planner, strategizer, or overthinker by default.

Step One: Choose One Thing

Step 1 is to decide which area of your life to address. Where do you want to focus to build traction, gain momentum, or dramatically improve? Or, maybe it’s not a focus to fix but a place you want to move forward, scratch an itch, or do something you’ve been postponing, denying, or stuck.

Now, if we were sitting in person and I was coaching you, I could instantly see it flicker across your face. However, Queens of Overthinking often dismiss their first thought as too easy or too obvious and look for…



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