This One Rule Will Make Every Other Decision in Your Life Infinitely Easier

Many emails and a feed full of posts from moms concerned about staying on top of their business while their kids are home on summer break tell me this is a universal struggle.

How can I maintain my level of productivity? is the WRONG QUESTION.

The RIGHT QUESTION is, How can I make the most of one of our 18 summers together?

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Sometimes you feel the shift when you level up. Maybe it’s watching the sunset in a destination you’ve always wanted to travel to, becoming a parent for the first time, or getting the keys to your first place. It’s a milestone that feels momentous as it’s unfolding.

Other times, it’s only in retrospect that you notice the shift. Maybe it’s bumping into someone in the elevator who will eventually become your husband, perhaps it’s feeling off and getting a checkup that prevents cancer, or maybe it’s hearing a phrase that literally changes the trajectory of your life.

Always choose love over fear.

When I first heard it, I dismissed it. Duh. Of course, I do that. I even had a little resistance. What if it’s not a choice between those two things?

Of course, after years of practice, I know everything is a choice between those two things, but when I first heard it, it seemed too simple, too binary, too…basic.

All the best things are.

So if you’ve already mastered that lesson, congrats, that rule alone will make every other life decision infinitely easier.

Try it.

Do you want to move across the country for a relationship or opportunity? Scary, right? Choose love.

Do you want to change something major in your life? Daunting, right? Choose love.

When we see love as the antidote to fear, we don’t have to manage, mitigate, or contemplate our fear; we can envision it as a speed bump, not a roadblock, and move past it.

Fear doesn’t have to stop us, derail us, reroute us, or be a warning of some ominous ambiguous threat. It can be a feeling we feel and move through and move on.

Kristi Andrus life & biz coach travel-obsessed mom

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