Top 20 Tips to Pull Off The Very Best Theme Park Vacation Ever!

The Truth About the Level of Precision It Takes


Can you luck into magical experiences? Absolutely, it happens all the time at Disney, but do you want to take that chance when you’re already in for thousands of dollars?

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Vacation-Mode Mom has been M-I-A since Fall 2019

I don’t know about you, but this family is ready to heal from the trauma and stress of the pandemic. Yet the timing feels a little off because, of course, the pandemic isn’t over, and if you have children under 10, they aren’t able to be vaccinated for…ever? Indefinitely.

Maybe you, too, are stuck in the in-between zone with unvaccinated little ones and feel the urge to break free from Groundhog Day. If so, this is for you.

If you have already decided you’re going for it and don’t want to angst it out with me, skip the intro and head straight for the tips.

Otherwise, stick around for the commiserating.

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We Still Mask Up

We still mask up, social distance, and are hyper-conscious about our activities. But we are also keenly feeling the pinch of watching our little ones change so fast, and let’s just say it — They are missing out on some of the treasures of childhood.

The best thing to come from pandemic life is the closeness of this family — What an incredible gift to have all this time together! We try to keep it in perspective even as our impatience grows, but we want to enjoy the world again, and frankly, we need a reminder of how good it can be out there.

Is a Vacation the Answer?

The responsible parent in me thinks it’s unnecessary risk multiplied by germs plus exorbitant spending during a pandemic, which is to say, there are a million reasons not to go anywhere.

But as all good marketers know, we rarely make rational decisions. Even the most sensible among us typically apply logic only after we’ve chosen for emotional…



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