Value vs. Cost vs. Worth: An Overdue Conversation About Money

  • Maybe you earn less than you would like but can’t seem to break through to a higher salary range.
  • Perhaps it used to feel effortless, but with increased responsibilities, making money is beginning to feel suffocating.
  • Or maybe you’re tired of struggling financially and coping with scarcity, but you don’t even know where to start.

Read on to begin to untangle the emotional energy of money.

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Defining Terms

Money is energy. It can carry and evoke feelings of gratitude and abundance, possibility and opportunity, or inferiority and regret, anger and resentment.

First: Let’s stop saying, charge what you’re worth. You are worth so much more than what you do. Your value is inherently limitless and unquantifiable.

Second: These aren’t the official accounting definitions. They are the mindset meanings that entrepreneurs, creatives, and business owners need to clarify for themselves.

From a Client or Customer Perspective: Value is the perceived benefit or impact. Cost is what someone has to earn or give up to get something. And Worth is why it feels like a fair exchange to buy.

From a Business Owner or Service Provider Perspective: Value is the tangible and intangible qualities. Cost is the price plus the articulation of value. And Worth is the short- and long-term advantages, customer experience, or privileges of ownership.

Pricing Strategy

In 2019, I wrote this piece about Pricing. Since then, I’ve more than 10x’d my rates. It’s not just that I’m a wildly better coach who can inspire remarkably better client results.

I also know the market more thoroughly, where I stand in contrast to the competition; I understand my client’s needs more accurately and can offer more personalized, effective, and valuable solutions. And I was wildly undercharging when I started.

Stop Undercharging

Undercharging for too long can interfere with the sustainability of your business. Just as getting paid too little for too long can undermine your career satisfaction and trajectory.



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