What Triggers You is Your Opportunity to Grow

That phrase triggers me.


Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

Part 1: The Fuss Bus.

An emotional trigger makes us feel uncomfortable, revealing parts of ourselves that are frustrating, unsatisfactory, unresolved, or worse, reminiscent of old painful feelings, or even trauma.

Triggers are a clue, and if you read my stuff, you know I’m an action taker, so you are probably expecting me to say, they are a clue — it’s pointing you where you have work to do — but hang tight, because sometimes work is the answer, and sometimes, it’s not.

I’m always for greater awareness, so being able to identify what bothers us is important. After we know, we can do the work of getting to the root issue. Digging into roots almost always uncovers old hurts or limiting beliefs, but excavation can lead to clearing and healing.

But, as someone who accidentally cut into the roots of our Catalpa tree this spring, I also appreciate that sometimes digging into roots inflicts additional trauma, which can do more harm than good. Sometimes, it’s best to avoid the roots for our protection.

The idea is not to run away from our problems, suppress emotions, or create a bubble that separates us. Even if we could avoid everything that triggers us, living in a bubble is no way to live. On the flip side, agitated, in a state of constant apprehension, scared, and on the verge of blowing up at any moment is no way to live either.

Being aware of what triggers allows us to dig or not. Kind of like how we don’t watch the news if we know we won’t sleep or don’t buy the Oreos if we know we’ll eat the whole box. Boundaries help. Self-awareness is essential.

Enhanced awareness means we can begin to take responsibility for managing our emotions instead of merely reacting or letting our emotions control us.



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