What’s Your Work/Life Balance Weak Link — Systems, Roles, or Goals?

Last week, you took a three-question quiz, a litmus test for whether or not your partner pulls their fair share at home. Today, we dive into the results (and what to do about them!).

Who is our children’s dentist?

The first question was, Who is our children’s dentist?

Score your partner’s answers as follows.

  1. One point if your hubby can’t (or won’t) schedule a dentist appointment without assistance.
  2. Two points if your hubby is willing, but helping him doubles your workload. For example, you must tell him the dentist’s information, share the location, make a copy of the insurance card, and update him on who is due for what.
  3. Three points if your hubby is helpful, but his process results in one dentist visit/year vs. the recommended one/six months because of delayed scheduling, rescheduling, or missed appointment.
  4. And four points if your hubby is willing but can’t make it happen for any reason.

What size shoes do our kids wear?



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