When You’re Stuck, Do This

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Other people are the ones who live great lives, go on fabulous vacations, get what they want, and overcome hard things, right?

Other people make a million dollars, retire young, have passionate love affairs, never seem to age, and eat and drink anything they want without consequences, right?


We are the ones who do amazing things.

We just haven’t. Yet.

We haven’t given up.

We’re just stuck.

It’s not the same thing.

Here’s how to get unstuck.

Here’s how to make big things happen.

Make a list on 10 things you absolutely want to do in this lifetime. I mean the things that seem wildly impossible and incredible and way beyond what you have right now; Oprah-Dream-Big level stuff. Then find a real-life person in your network who has done each thing, one by one, or who knows someone who has. Call that person and ask “I gotta know. How did you do #1 on my list? Please tell me your story.” Then listen, ask relevant questions, and take great notes.

When you get off the phone, ask yourself if you still want to do the thing. Did their story make it more or less exciting and enticing? If the answer is more, set a deadline for when you want to have accomplished that thing. If the answer is less, cross it off your list and choose a new thing.

By the way, this is not an exercise that takes a few minutes, so plan accordingly. It’s worth it.

Then take steps toward making it happen. You don’t have to let it take over your life. Don’t get obsessive. Don’t lose track of reality. Think of it as simply laying the groundwork, increasing the possibility that it will happen. You don’t let it have to change your day-to-day focus. Just work on it subconsciously, have crucial conversations at regular intervals, and capitalize when you have the opportunity. Or create the chance if one doesn’t arise organically.

The key is to talk to someone who doesn’t think the thing you want to do is a big deal. Read that sentence one more time, please. The key is to talk to someone who doesn’t think the thing you want to do is a big deal. It’s harder than you think because most people’s…

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