Why Working Moms Struggle to Have It All

If continuing to progress in your career while enjoying motherhood (and making the most of your life) feels like a losing battle, you’re not alone. If you can’t find the time to do all that you want and need to do, if you don’t have enough support at home or work, or even if you’re making good money but you don’t get to spend it the way you want with your family, this is for you.

Working Moms

You’re Not Alone

  • Most moms I talk to know their path isn’t sustainable. They are overwhelmed and hanging by a thread. Still, because they take great personal responsibility for their lives, they soldier on.
  • Most moms I talk to realize they want something different months or even years before they finally work up the courage to make a change.
  • Most moms I talk to think of work/life balance as a nice-to-have, but it’s vital to your happiness, success, and, most importantly, fulfillment.
  • Most moms I talk to think their struggles and battles are theirs alone. But after working with so many high-achieving women in transition, I see common breaking points.

Understanding what you are up against and why moms fail gives you context. I’m a big fan of context. It might not make it any easier to know others are struggling too or that many of your problems are systemic.



Kristi Andrus life and business coach

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